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Medical Oncology

Chemotherapy is a treatment which is held with drug for destroy cancer cells. Chemotherapy can be given with a single drug or combined drug therapy. Chemotherapeutic agents may be applicated by oral or by intravenous way.

In the oncology centers we work with; the chemotherapy protocol prepared by a medical oncology physician is applied by experienced chemotherapy nurses under the supervision of a medical oncology physician according to the individual characteristics of the patient and the characteristic of the tumor.

We work with medical oncology clinics who providing treatments with gold standard treatment protocols.

What is the purpose of chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy application can be change depend on type of tumor or according to the characteristics of the patient. Chemotherapy can be applied;

  • For completely destroying the tumor and healing the patient
  • For stop or slow down tumor growth
  • For eliminate the symptoms caused by the tumor

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Oncology Tumor Council

Tumor Council is held with the participation of physicians like medical oncology, radiation oncology, related surgical branch surgeon (general surgery, breast surgery, brain surgery, urologist and gynecologist, etc.) nuclear medicine, radiology, pathology, medical genetics.

Tumor council is discuss the diagnosis and test results of the patient, evaluate last condition of the cancer patient and the stage of the disease and they are decide to treatment plan according to guidelines and the latest scientific studies.

In addition to the General Tumor Council, specific council opinions for organs and systems are provided:

  • Multidisciplinary Tumor Council
  • Lung Tumors Council
  • Breast Tumors Council
  • Endocrine Tumors Council
  • Brain Tumors Council
  • Genitourinary Tumors Council

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After reviewing the reports that you submitted, you will be informed about  diagnosis and test reports are sufficient or not for the tumor council. If the tests are complete, a consultation fee of € 850 is charged for the tumor council. If your treatment will be plan by us, half of this fee will be deducted from your total treatment fee. The Council report will be sent to you in writing with the signatures of the physicians participating in the council. Council meetings are held once a week. You will be notified on the day  that your report will sent to you and your transaction will be completed within 7 days at the latest.

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