Our Values Dialysis & Nephrology We are doing all organizations to ensure that your treatment is not interrupted during your trip Our Values Dialysis & Nephrology We are working with reliable dialysis centers and experienced dialysis physicians

Dialysis & Nephrology

We are planning and organizing the treatment of dialysis patients who will travel to Turkey for a reason.

If you inform us about your travel details and layover address; we will inform you about the clinics in which you can receive your dialysis treatment. After your choice of clinic and physician, we create your treatment plan and schedule your treatment appointments. The clinic where you will receive your treatment will pick you up from your hotel and leave you to your hotel after treatment.

Do not forget to bring your medicines that you are using, a file which is containing your health and treatment information and an epicrisis report prepared by your physician from the centre where you receive your routine treatment. We can provide a connection between your own physician and the physician who will treat you in Turkey after create your appointment if necessary.

Knowing and understanding your treatment details is an important part of our job for providing a healthier life to you.

Please click here to contact us, find out the most suitable centers and treatment fees for your dialysis treatment and get detailed information.

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