About Us

Dr.Genetrix is a healthcare consulting company offering you access to proper treatments with accurate physicians in most suitable hospitals for your healthcare needs in Turkey.

In case of illness, we listen to your complaints, review and reassess your assay reports, searching solutions, offering the right hospital and physician alternatives and bringing the proper service for you.

We show deep respect the following patient rights: '' A patient has the right to choose the services and opportunities that they benefit, people and institutions that they can get assistance concerning their health.''

We manage your treatment process from the beginning to the end after your choice between the hospitals and physicians that we shared details.

We plan and manage your check-up controls for a healthy life.

We are also planning and managing the dialysis or any treatments you need, during your travels.

All you need is contact with Dr.Genetrix’s healthcare professionals.

We are standing by your side in health and disease with the mentorship of a minimum of 20 years of experienced healthcare professionals.

Why Should I Get Health Consulting Service?

“A good physician treats the disease, the great physician treats the patient who has the disease. The great physician understands the patient and the context of that patient's illness. Even if the disease is the same, patients are different and treatment approaches have to be varied according to the individual.

With our great experience in the healthcare sector, we help you to meet the best institutions and physicians in your illness process and manage your treatment process after your choice.

Why Should I Work With Dr.Genetrix?

Dr.Genetrix; understands the emotions of the people feel at the time of illness regardless of language, religion, race or color and shows full care and support when managing processes.

Dr. Genetrix carefully examines and offers all possibilities to ensure that you receive the most appropriate treatment.



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