Our Values Sportsman Health We work with centers which provide from general health checks to injury treatment, from performance evaluation and development to relief of chronic pain and from surgical intervention to nutrition counseling of athletes. Our Values Sportsman Health Clinical research shows that the rate of quitting the sport in children and adolescents has reached 70-80% in 15 years because of injuries due to sports activities.

Sportsman Health

Do not give up the sport due to injury!…

The right sport makes a positive contribution to the human body and spirit to lead a healthy life. Everyone should do sports and fulfill the first rule of living a healthy life...

We work with institutions that provide preventive medicine, diagnosis, treatment and athletic performance management services at international standards under the leadership of experts in the field of sports medicine and sciences.

We support you with hospitals and centers that provide services in international standards as multidisciplinary (physicians, coaches, psychologists, physiotherapists, dietitians, etc) until from the first injury to the return of an normal sports life.

Your future is in experiend hands….

Conservative, physical or surgical treatment can be recommended depending on the severity, damage, and location of sports injury.

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