Our values are quality service and reliability… Our priority is your health… We walk on realistic ways with strong feelings as honesty and sensibility…

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5 Reasons To Consult to Dr.Genetrix

  1. 1- Our priority is your health…

    Dr.Genetrix is ​​not a tourism agency. We are health professionals. Our priority is your health. We help you for finding answers to your questions, as your healthcare consultant in sickness and health. In case of illness, we work for you, that you can get services from healthcare professionals who can manage your treatment in the most accurate way. We also help you to manage secondary priorities such as hospital comfort and budget.

    If your priority is your health and you want to get quality healthcare services, you are at the right place for cooperation.

  2. 2- We offer realistic options and best solutions…

    Treatment should be ‘‘ personalized”.  Although the diagnosis is the same, the treatment process should be managed differently due to personal differences. We work with surgeons and physicians who are aware of this. We will inform you of any risks you may face.  Also, we respect your choices and we will be nearby you throughout the process.

  3. 3- Our values are quality service and reliability…

    We consult to physicians, not hospitals. we are working with physicians who are well known, experienced and have high treatment success. We do not work with a single institution. We have access to all clinics in Turkey. We provide quality service at an optimum cost. We support you to get your treatment with the latest technological infrastructure in modern hospitals without waiting.

  4. 4- We work with distinguished clinics in Turkey Because …
    • Turkey has a most quantity of hospitals in the world that have JCI accreditation.
    • Turkey has a serving with shorter waiting times than Europe, America and any other many countries.
    • Turkey has many well-known physicians who are well educated and can speak foreign languages.
    • Turkey is one of the top 10 countries that are accepted location as medical travel points in the world.
    • Current medical applications in Cardiovascular Surgery, Oncology, Organ Transplantation, Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, Plastic Surgery, IVF, Eye and Dental Treatments are performed by well-known physicians who have high treatment success rates.
    • Turkey is, a crossroads between Europe and Asia, providing easy access to many countries with an excellent geographical location.
    • Price norms are stable.
    • Accredited Turkish institutions are equipped with world-class infrastructure and modern technology.
    • EMEA region centers and production facilities of many large pharmaceutical companies are located here.
  5. 5- Why another country for healthcare services…
    • If you want to be treated by successful physicians and medical clinics in Turkey,
    • If you are having problems with health system in your country,
    • If medical services are expensive in your country and if you look for a beter price for get the same quality services,
    • If you want to get a higher quality health service than the health service in your home country,
    • If you have problems with your health insurance and your health costs are high,

    You can contact Dr. Genetrix team for more detailed information about clinics, physicians and treatments in Turkey.

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