Due to social and medical reasons hair transplantation has become the most requested and common aesthetic operation of the last few years. When done correctly by knowledgeable professionals, hair transplant procedures offer extremely good results meeting even the highest standards set by our patients. We recommend this medical procedure to everyone who qualifies.

Hair transplantation using the FUE method. In FUE method, with which the maximum grafts of 3.500  4.500, meaning 8.800 9.000 hair strands are transferred to the affected areas. The operation is completed in one day and lasts approx. 5 hours next day there is the washing of your hair and from then on you may continue your normal lifestyle. The transplanted hair may fall out during first 3  months and new hair will then begin to grow. 40% of your hair will see growth during the first 4  months. 80% of your hair will see growth during the following 7 months, and 100% of your hair will grow after a period of one year.

Why Dr.Genetrix in Hair Transplantation?

We are suggesting to hair transplantation operations are performed in the most well equipped and highest quality hospitals in  Turkey. This privilege is included in the purchased package and there is no need for patients to pay any extra fees. The hospitals that we are recommended are providing confidence, comfort, and a fully relaxed atmosphere; all while ensuring the patients are having all of their physical and psychological needs met.

How Much Does The Hair Transplant Cost?

Dr.Genetrix presents you with the best medical hair transplantation package. Along with the operation,  you will receive a professional washing and PRP  (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment, all of your transfers from the airport to the hotel – hospital/clinic and back are also included.

The cost of hair transplantation varies depending on the size of the area to be transplanted and the number of grafts to be transplanted. After expert’s assessment derived from your pictures, your needs are determined and the price is given for the operation. You can see the average prices on our website. Please contact us, upload your pictures and get your free consultation and learn the exclusive price for you.

This price includes the following services:

  • Fue (punch 0.75 mm)
  • Operation done by specialist doctors and team
  • Team speaking all languages and assisting with psychological help
  • Planning by medical doctor
  • Detailed blood analysis, special serum
  • Hair cut
  • Photograph archive
  • Profound sedation
  • Special PRP treatment
  • Anesthesia during surgery
  • Medication during surgery
  • Liquid silicon wound dressing
  • Special meal after operation
  • Post operation medicines antibiotic antiinflammatory analgesic antiedema tb
  • Bepanthol lotion, rif ampul (3)
  • Special medical shampoo
  • Post operation care guide
  • Guarantee certificate of grafts implanted, signed by the doctor
  • Special hat
  • First hair wash
  • 3 nights hotel stay (5 star hotel)
  • Post operation controls and thermotherapies
  • All transfers due to hotel location
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