Heredity is a very important factor that increases the risk of colon cancer development. The person whose first-degree relatives have colon cancer has a double risk for this disease. The person who has not had colon cancer in his family has a %5 risk of developing this disease throughout his life. However, if at least one of the first-degree relatives experiences colon cancer, the risk of developing the disease increases to 12 percent. The rate increases to 35 percent in those who have more than 2 people with colon cancer among close relatives.

Hereditary Colon Cancers Require serious Monitoring

Early diagnosis is deadly important for people who are under risk in hereditary colon cancer. Early diagnosis is to increase survival rates. For this reason, the people who are under risk should ensure that the necessary genetic tests have been conducted and be taken into close follow-up program in order to detect the tumor that may develop beforehand and to treat the cancer before it develops.

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