Bariatric Surgery

How could be post-bariatric surgery diets? Can you eat and drink freely after Weight loss surgery? Weight loss surgery is not like a diet, but after bariatric surgery, you won’t be able to tolerate certain foods. Although some bariatric experts claim that you can eat whatever you want after the first month, you need to […]

The purpose of bariatric surgery is to decrease the volume of the stomach. In bariatric surgery, operations are usually performed laparoscopically from small incisions. Thus, patients experience a more comfortable recovery period compared to open surgery. The surgical methods decided according to the BMI and general condition of the patient are listed below: Intra-gastric balloon: […]

Bariatric surgery is not the easy way out

Bariatric surgery is not the easy way out, It is for surviving Bariatric surgery is not the easy way out, it is for surviving… We know that random strangers and even your friends and relatives have a negative judgement on you. They might have been telling you that surgery is the easy way out. However, […]

Bariatric surgery complications

Just like any other surgery procedures, before bariatric surgery, surgeons must review the likelihood of complications specifically on patient basis.   As with any surgical procedures there are some points that should be discussed in bariatric surgery. You should discuss operative, postoperative and long term bariatric surgery complications and risks associated with weight loss surgery procedures […]

What is the bariatric surgery? It Is Not A Cosmetic Surgery Bariatric surgery is a kind of major abdominal surgery. Bariatric surgical treatment must begin with realistic goals and progress through the best possible use of well-designed planned and tested operations with experienced surgeons in the hospitals which are equipped with the latest technologies. There […]


Warning: obesity triggers many diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure Obesity triggers, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, reflux, asthma, cholesterol-related liver failure. It also links to many other medical conditions such as gout, degenerative joint diseases, migraine, phlebitis, polycystic ovary syndrome, and menstrual disorders. Besides, obese people are more likely to develop cancer than normal […]

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