How could be post-bariatric surgery diets? Can you eat and drink freely after Weight loss surgery? Weight loss surgery is not like a diet, but after bariatric surgery, you won’t be able to tolerate certain foods. Although some bariatric experts claim that you can eat whatever you want after the first month, you need to […]


Let’s start to examine spinal tumors and their treatments with disease symptoms and diagnostic methods. Benign or malignant abnormal tissue masses (lesions) that originate from the spine itself, the surrounding muscle tissues, ligaments, nerve cells, and membranes in the spinal cord are called spinal cord tumors. Approximately 10-25% of central nervous system tumors constitute vertebral […]

The purpose of bariatric surgery is to decrease the volume of the stomach. In bariatric surgery, operations are usually performed laparoscopically from small incisions. Thus, patients experience a more comfortable recovery period compared to open surgery. The surgical methods decided according to the BMI and general condition of the patient are listed below: Intra-gastric balloon: […]

What is the important details of liver transplant – before & after surgery? Before surgery Although the success rate is high, it is still a very difficult surgery. The whole operation takes an average of 6-12 hours. The surgeons remove the morbid liver and transplant the healthy liver of the donor. If everything goes well,  […]

What are the conditions to be a live donor for the liver transplant? The donor selected from relatives up to the 4th degree must be volunteers. All tests performed on the live donor should show that it is okay to give the person a piece of the liver. These tests are in two directions: First; […]

Mitral valve diseases develop due to either rheumatic fever experienced in childhood or aging at advanced ages. Moreover, the mitral valve failure may also develop after a heart attack. The disease caused by calcification in the mitral valve is called “Mitral Stenosis”, and the disease caused by the weakening of the valve tissue without calcification […]

In some organ failures, the patient can survive with some kind of temporary solution. For example, in heart failure, the heart can be operated with the latest technological devices which are called an artificial heart. In kidney failure as well, the survival rates are very high  with Dialysis treatment. Unfortunately, the circumstances is not that […]

The most obvious effect of love is on heart. The most prominent effect of hormones secretion from brain , like serotonin, oxytocin, endorphin, dopamine, adrenaline, known as love potion, is on heart. The symptoms like chest tightness, excitement, throb, high heart skips a beat, wobbling of the heart are shown that the body has captured […]

If the liver is too sick to perform its functions, it is called liver failure. Liver failure is classified in two as acute and chronic. Acute Liver Failure: It develops suddenly and almost all liver function is lost. Causes may be acute viral hepatitis (hepatitis A and hepatitis B viruses), drug intoxications, fungal poisoning, viral […]


What is EVAR- TEVAR? In the endovascular treatment of aortic aneurysms, grafts that begin before the aneurysm balloon and continue along with and end in the area where the balloon ends, are placed. The repair of an aneurysm is named EVAR (Endovascular aneurysm repair) if the aneurysm is in the abdomen, while it is called […]

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